A2A understands that art school is an expensive undertaking and offers financial discounts to students and faculty around the world.

Our Creative Director, Adam, has been an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York for the past 25 years. We enjoy working with students, helping them navigate potential pitfalls, and assisting them to produce the same standard of work we regularly deliver to our clients.

Students often do not have the budgets to produce the work as they visualize it, instead resorting to digital mockups,
using less expensive materials, reducing quantities, and eliminating techniques to cut costs.

We look at this student work as a way of educating, introducing our studio to new people, and helping them bring their creative vision to life. They do not have a direct budget, as everything is out of pocket, so we will work with them at a substantially-discounted rate and help them grow both creatively and professionally.

We like to give back and help where we can. We do not want people to hold back their ideas over a few cents here and there. It does not mean that every project is solvable at a fixed budget, but the appreciation and kind words we have received over the years have been payment enough.

It is extremely gratifying to get the thank you notes, watch people mature and develop as designers, and have some award winners and partners as former students.