Sony Card


Sony Rewards was working on a brand refresh with Landor SF. The issuer, Capital One, came to us to present design concepts leveraging the new branding to their co-branded card product.


We presented card design concepts as physical cards, personalized
 for each attendee, in a custom-made wallet. This acted as a companion to the
 on-screen design presentation. The use of physical objects eliminated any questions
 on color, materials, finish and feel. The use of personalized cards helps the concepts 
to resonate personally with the viewer and get cards to market quicker. Final press-ready mechanicals were supplied to the card manufacturer within 2 weeks of the initial presentation.

  • Design
  • Optically Variable Ink
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Direct Image Printing
  • Consultation
  • Prototyping

We explored the use of OVI (Optically Variable Ink), large particle metallic silkscreen inks, fluorescent colors, and varying opacities of litho white ink. Our ability to prototype in the studio allows us to generate multiple iterations in hours, not days or weeks.