Venmo decided to enter the credit market with a new product being issued by Synchrony Bank. We were asked to consult on the manufacturing of the card and the packaging.


We worked directly with the branding agency, The New Company, Venmo’s marketing team, Synchrony Financial’s procurement team, and Fiserv to bring this unique product to market. The New Company showed the idea of having the only-user’s unique QR code on the card front and having this data variable across 5 colors of cards. Honestly, we would never think to do that. But the concept and design was not the ask. We solved the manufacturing process; how to make the cards, the custom chip, the packaging, and how to automate the fulfillment and comply with USPS requirements.

  • Consultation
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Prototyping
  • Direct Image Printing
  • Custom EMV Chip

Each series of cards is produced on a recycled PVC core with the custom core colors being matched with offset inks on the back, as well as the front, in the personalization stage. The card also features a custom EMV contact plate which prominently highlights the Venmo “V”. Of course, the card is fully contactless as well, to keep up with the newest card processing technologies. A full rundown of the project, including the packaging, personalization and custom "V" EMV chip can be found here.